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Current List of Equipment


AstroTech AT12RC Truss 12” RC F8

10” Homemade Newtonian F4 (F3 with Keller reducer) Royce mirror

Takahashi Sky90 Refractor

Unitron 160 Photo Equatorial 4” Refractor with brass clock drive

William Optics 66mm APO refractor


Astro-Physics AP1200

Astro-Physics 32” Portable Pier


Starlight Xpress SXVR-H36 (16mp full frame)

Starlight Xpress SXV-M25C (6mp APS OSC)

Starlight Xpress Loadstar x2 guide cam


Homemade OAG

TS 2.5” RC FF

Feathertouch 2” and 3” focusers

Starizona Microtouch wireless motofocus

Homemade PWM dew heater

Pyramid 12A 12V power supply

HP i7 laptop with 1TB SSD

Daystar Quark for Prominences

Side by side Losmandy plate

Homemade 12 - 18v battery power supply

Supporting equipment:

Grizzley metal lathe 10x22

Grizzley metal mill

Machined components:

10” Newtonian

Baffle opening reducer for 12” RC

Modified back plate adapter

Homemade flat box

15”x15” EL panel w/variable intensity power supply

¾” aluminum channel with 2 diffuser plates

Red dot dovetail holder

Homemade OAG and red dot dovetail holder on 12” RC

Homemade PWM dew heater

OAG close up

20.7mm custom spacer for filter wheel

12” RC at Chiefland
Camper and scope setup at Chiefland
Unitron 4” Model 160
10” F4 Homemade Newtonian
 Homemade baffle reducer
 Homemade backplate adapter (anodized black)